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These Extremely Pricey Sex Dolls Are Perfect Pornstar Replicas

Companies all over the world are racing to create the most uncannily lifelike humanoid, though their products differ widely in their intended purpose. Japan’s humanoid robot Erica was built to be an actor, and Pepper was built for customer service. Among these human replicants is a subsection of androids and dolls built for male sexual pleasure: though many independent developers are pouring resources into creating talking sexbots with memories and personalities, the current state of the industry is much simpler.  The most expensive of these sexbots currently on the market is Abyss Creations’ Wicked RealDoll, which doesn’t talk or move but is an exact replica of the user’s chosen adult performer. 31-year-old porn Japanese-American porn actress Asa Akira is one of the most popular models. According to the sex toy companies which create likenesses of her, Asa’s vaginal canal is a complicated series of fleshy grooves and textured areas. Since 2011, a replica of Akira’s labia and vaginal canal has been available from Fleshlight, but now an exact replica of her entire body can be purchased from Abyss Creations. Though the company has lofty plans for dolls that speak and learn — dolls the company’s CEO says will cost around $15,000 — their Wicked RealDolls are currently their most expensive product. All the Wicked RealDolls are based on porn performers, and Akira’s doll gets top billing on the site.

Akira (whose birth name is Asa Takigami) has been the world’s most celebrated Japanese-American porn star since she began sweeping the AVN Awards (the porn industry Oscars) in 2011. In 2016, she appeared as Katana in Axel Braun’s celebrated Suicide Squad porn parody, and she’s billed as a primary actress in Braun’s upcoming Star Wars porn film. She’s a podcast host, the author of multiple books of essays, and a writer at Barstool Sports. Her RealDoll replica can’t do any of those things; it can, however, sit very still when posed using its articulated spine, and all of its replicated orifices are functional as Fleshlight-style tubes, as long as they’re slicked with lubricant.

The Asa Akira doll, just like the other six Wicked RealDolls, costs $5,479.00, and that’s if you don’t want to add any of the many customizations. If you want to have a life-size, pliable replica of Asa Akira in your home — one whose breasts, Abyss Creations says, start out pretty firm but will soften with use — but you want her to have full pubic hair, you can order that for an additional $110.00. The doll’s out labia folds, if you order the Asa Akira, are articulated based on Akira’s labia. If for whatever reason you want to pick a different labia shape, you can do that as well. That one’s free.


The first RealDoll was built with a 3.5” deep throat, which isn’t deep enough to accommodate the average man’s entire erect penis. When the RealDoll was re-released in a version 2, the standard throat depth was lengthened to 7”, meaning even men with penises of above average length can thrust away into the replicated throat of a silicon humanoid with abandon, never having to worry about reaching a wall.

The vaginal canal is a little different in RealDolls; the 2.0 version is 7.5” long, though the average length of a woman’s vaginal canal is much shorter, at 3.7”. The Asa Akira doll’s vaginal canal measurements are not listed on the Abyss Creations site, though the other porn star replica dolls have vaginal canals as long as 8”. That means under no circumstances will an average man hit his Real Doll’s replicated cervix during simulated intercourse, which seems unfortunate given that researchers have said intercourse which involves contact with the cervix can be pleasurable for both parties.

In addition to altering the static parts of your RealDoll, you can also purchase a blowjob robot insert called the Autoblow2, which simulates with moving beads what a woman like

Asa Akira attempts to do with her tongue and lips during oral sex. The Autoblow2 sleeve can be fit into a RealDoll’s vaginal canal in addition to the oral canal, simulating the sensation of a woman’s vaginal walls — which she manipulates with her kegel muscles — tightening around your penis. However, the Autoblow2 is designed with male pleasure in mind, rather than an exact replica of the experience of sex with a woman, so it doesn’t surge its rhythm with increasing speed, as a woman’s vaginal walls would when approaching orgasm, but instead keeps a steady rhythm in order to coax an orgasm out of you. A Spanish-made sex robot named Silicon Samantha can reportedly have “orgasms”, but she’s not available to the public yet.

If, however, you’re waiting for a replica of a pornstar that can speak with you and learn from your behaviors, you may want to save your $6,000 until RealDoll or one of its competitors releases a doll with artificial intelligence. All signs point to that development hitting the market soon. Of course, sex robots that intelligent pose the threat of being hacked.

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Photos via Getty Images / Ethan Miller, Abyss Creations (1, 2)

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