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Wicked Realdoll

RealDoll is pleased to announce that it has partnered with adult industry leader Wicked to create Wicked RealDolls…licensed high-end, fully articulated and completely realistic representations of the Wicked Girls.

In its partnership with Wicked, Abyss Creations LLC is bringing passion and attention to detail to the Wicked RealDolls. Each of these dolls has been created using cutting edge technology to replicate every detail of these well known actresses, from digital scanning to silicone casting of fine details like skin texture on the hands and feet. The line has debuted with dolls of jessica drake and Alektra Blue which were unveiled at the Wicked/RealDoll booth during the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas January 7th-10th, 2010.

Each Wicked RealDoll comes standard with the following upgraded features and bonuses:

  • Our new articulated spine, which allows for completely realistic and natural torso positioning and range of motion.
  • The most current techniques in advanced RD weight reduction
  • The new removable deep throat mouth insert, which features a canal which goes down the throat of the doll versus straight back into the head, for up to 7″ of penetration.
  • Full head design, without magnets or velcro. All components are modular for easy replacement and cleaning/maintenance
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A bonus package from Wicked: A current DVD of the featured actress, a 1 year membership to wicked.com, and a photograph of the actress.

Order your own Wicked RealDoll today, and have a porn star ready and waiting for you every night!


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